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Westbrook’s fall from grace

In a recent post by ITALKSPORTSANDTHATSIT, James talks about how Westbrook is the most overrated player in the NBA. He goes on to state how despite filling up a stat sheet, his play and personality are less than ideal. While that may seem harsh, and I love the Thunder and Westbrook, I am not only … Continue reading Westbrook’s fall from grace


The NBA draft lottery paradox

While the lottery winners over the last four years have consistently gone to the team with the worst record regular season record, historically, that has, yet, paradoxically hasn’t necessarily per se been the case. With the inclusion of the string of consecutive winners’s placement included, since 1990, the worst team in the league has indeed … Continue reading The NBA draft lottery paradox

Can the Oklahoma City Thunder Win a Championship?

According to Vegas, the Oklahoma City Thunder currently have the sixth best odds to win a championship this year at 25/1; however, of the five teams ahead of the Thunder, only one is from the same loaded western conference: the Golden State Warriors (2/5 odds). With that being said, the biggest obstacle the Thunder must … Continue reading Can the Oklahoma City Thunder Win a Championship?