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How the tables have turned

After sweeping the season series against the Portland Trail Blazers prior to their starting center Nurkic going down, the tables have turned in the post season.

Jumping out to a 2-0 start, behind Dame and CJ’s explosive starts, the Blazers are in the perfect position to sweep the playoff series against Oklahoma City.

Coming into the series, BPI favored the Blazers to advance, even without their third best player in Nurkic. Many fans, analysts, and even myself, however, didn’t see it that way. With CJ coming back from injury and Nurkic out for the remainder of the post season, many thought it would be an easy sweep or at least 4-1 or 4-2 for the Thunder. That though, hasn’t been the case and now the Thunder are in danger of facing a 1st round exit for the third year in a row – in a year I might add, where the west is surprising open and up grabs due to the vulnerability displayed by the biggest threat being the Warriors.

With another disappointing end to the season on the horizon – although it probably won’t be as bad as last year where the Thunder lost to a rookie led team while having 3 “stars” in Russell 30 shots for 37 points Westbrick, no OT tonight because we’re gonna lose definitively Playoff P and I’m not coming off the bench, but now I’m out of the league with no job Me7o – here are some of the best memes Thunder fans have put out in light of recent events.

Is there still hope for a comeback? Sure, but given how the Thunder have played thus far, they don’t deserve to advance, let alone be in the playoffs. Hell, the Kings would have probably shown more heart and actually put up a fight.

More than anything, I hope we get swept and lose in an extremely embarrassing fashion because the only way OKC’s going to change is by having someone light a fire under their asses. This has to stop and stop now.


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