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All things NBA – The Greatest Soap Opera of Our Time

While there are a myriad of professional sports leagues throughout not only the United States from the NFL to NHL and MLB, but the entirety of the world, the NBA is arguably far and away one of the, if not the best sports league. From offseason madness to a variety of highlights, copypastas, and drama throughout the season, the NBA provides constantly unbridled entertainment.

As such, the main focus of this blog will consist of NBA news that I find to be interesting. This includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Key buyouts
  • Highlights
  • Opinions on players, teams, etc.
  • Anything OKC Thunder related
  • Cultural aspects of the game
  • Analysis

With that being said, this blog will not consist of news that I don’t believe has much of any impact on the league. This could be anything from buying out players that don’t already play or aren’t well known (unless of course, they suddenly become relevant due to their play). The reasoning for this is because I just won’t find it entertaining.

Furthermore, I chose this topic because I not only grew up around the game, but continue to involve myself with it today. On top of that, over the past few years, my interest in basketball has only grown. Because of this, it is only natural that basketball lends itself as my topic of choice.

Additionally, what really inspires me in regards to basketball is just how beautiful the game has become. While some individuals don’t necessarily like how soft the game has become, I think that there’s a good balance between physical and non-physical, or inside-outside play.

Through this publication, I hope to connect with fans of the sport from casuals to die hards. With all the constant drama throughout the league on any given day, and the level of talent, it has never been a better time to be a basketball or NBA fan.

With that being said, I hope that whoever reads my publication is able to get a sense of not only what’s going on around the league, but my thoughts and opinions on it.


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